Media Kit – Demographics and Coverage

WKXL’s listenership is older (35+), affluent (65+) and is more likely to be a principal in business or an organization and a local consumer. We make these assertions based on gathered intel, programming design, from client feedback and loyal listeners that contact us. Recently we have received internal polling information from political campaigns stating we have over 10,000 unique listeners per day. This model has been built over the years since Arbitron left, and we feel is more statistically significant than the scant measurements done by Arbitron in small markets.

Program Time Age Male/Female
AM NH News 6 – 9 am 40+ 50/50
NH Now, Politics and Current Events 9 – Noon 35+ 50/50
Bloomberg Noon – 3 pm 35+ 60/40
Local Shows 3 – 4 pm 35+ 50/50
NBA, The Life with Matt Bonner Mon: 6 – 7 pm 30+ 65/35
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Media Kit New Hampshire Now Local Programming Demographics and Coverage

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