NH Now: Senator Rand Paul Disagrees with Trump on Muslim Ban

GOP Presidential candidate Rand Paul joined Chris Ryan to discuss Donald Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from entering the US, NSA data collection and whether the GOP can expand it’s base.

The Kentucky senator feels that any pause on immigration should be based on the degree of terrorist threat that is posed by a particular country rather than a blanket banning of all Muslims. Rand Paul has proposed a bill which would pause immigration from 30-34 countries which have the potential for harboring terrorists. The senator is all for increasing and improving the due diligence followed by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE). He illustrated his argument by pointing out several terrorist incidents which eluded ICE–9/11, the Boston Bombers, the two Iraqi refugees who tried to buy stinger missiles in Kentucky, and most recently the San Bernardino fiancé. In each of theses instances, there were people who took advantage of a lack of enforcement of our immigration laws. Senator Paul added that it is estimated that currently over 11 million people have overstayed their visas. In addition, Rand Paul would suspend the Visa Waiver Program which has few restrictions on travel from countries in Europe. Paul feels that recent events have made it necessary to require background checks.

Senator Paul also weighed in on the need to use surveillance by the National Security Agency more intelligently. He feels that the gathering of phone records by the NSA was an unconstitutional violation of the Fourth Amendment. In addition, he pointed out that no terrorists wee caught because by collecting “all” records were collected and not enough attention was given to investigating potential terrorist threats. Senator Paul feels that the system will work better and be on a better legal footing when authorities use warrants based on probable cause.

Rand Paul has campaigned in inner cities and in places like Ferguson, Missouri. He feels that the GOP needs to reach out to communities that are plagued with poverty and unemployment. Senator Paul has called for the creation of “Economic Freedom Zones.” Areas in cities like Detroit would be allowed to keep federal tax revenues, rather than sending it to Washington and hoping to get some of it back.