NH Now: Marco Rubio on Trump, ISIS, and Obamacare


Florida Senator Marco Rubio joined Chris Ryan on NH Now for an in-depth discussion of the issues confronting our nation and New Hampshire voters. Rubio wouldn’t predict how or when he will overtake Donald Trump who has consistently been the leader in the polls in the Granite State and nationally. The senator pointed out that this election cycle is so unique that an accurate prediction of the outcome is impossible.

One area where many voters seem to perceive that Rubio has an edge is in foreign policy. Marco Rubio demonstrated his knowledge of the topic in the segment of the interview which dealt with how to proceed in the Syrian civil war. Rubio identified ISIS as an apocalyptic jihadist group which is hoping for a huge end of times battle with western armies that will result in an Islamic Caliphate ruling the world. The senator thinks that ISIS must be defeated by an army comprised of forces from Sunni Muslim nations, such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. Isis considers those countries to be their enemy because they are led by apostates, people who do not follow Islam correctly. In Rubio’s plan, the United States would provide special operations forces, air power, logistical, and intelligence coordination. Rubio believes that these Sunni nations will not participate unless Assad is forced out of power in Syria. In addition to his being a ruthless dictator with the blood of thousands of Syrians on his hands, Assad is an Alawite Muslim, a smaller sect of the Shia branch of Islam which is hated by Sunni Muslims. Marco Rubio feels that the only solution is for these Sunni nations to defeat ISIS militarily and ideologically.

When the conversation moved into the topic of domestic terrorism, the recent attack at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado was discussed. Senator Rubio considers tragedies like this to be the product of mental illness and societal breakdown. The senator attributes the lack of values being taught and reinforced in American families to the fact that so many parents are forced to work longer hours for less pay. Rubio thinks that the following factors have contributed to our stagnant economy: tax policies; regulatory policies; energy policies; and Obamacare. Marco Rubio feels that Obamacare has not lived up to its name, the Affordable Care Act. It has not controlled costs. Premiums might have been lowered, but fees, copays, and deductibles have increased dramatically. He feels that competition among insurance providers would help the situation. He effectively used the auto insurance companies as a comparison.

The final segment dealt with finding out what makes Marco Rubio tick. When he was asked what drives you, he described himself as the son of a Cuban immigrant who wants America to remain a country where parents can hope for a better life for their children.