Thursday, December 14, 2017

Positive Perceptions With Gerri King PhD

Gerri King PhD of Human Dynamics Associates. She is also an author and leadership developer

Positive Perceptions with Amy Gebo

Amy Gebo is a spiritual healer. She is President and CEO of Energies to Enlighten.

Positive Perceptions with George and Christine Dzuana

George and Christine Dzuana. They have been married for 49 years. Two decades ago Christine learned that she had breast cancer. This segment talks...

Positive Perceptions with Franklin, NH’s Mayor and Police Chief

Franklin, NH Chief Goldstein and past Franklin, NH Mayor Ken Merrifield discussing Franklin NH's problems with substance abuse and the need for prevention work...

John Butruccio on Positive Perceptions

John Butruccio, CEO Success Paradigm Inc., business consultant and leadership development trainer. Learn more about his company at

Positive Perceptions with Attorney Dan Corley

Attorney Dan Corley from Mcgrath Law Firm in Concord NH.Attorney Daniel Corley began his legal career in New York City assisting a high profile...

Positive Perceptions with Dana Lemire

Guest Dana Lemire, Co-founder and Development Director of Recovery Well, LLC.

Positive Perceptions with Barry Lit

Barry Lit is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has a private practice at Human Dynamics in Concord, NH. He has been in...

Positive Perceptions with Bill Preble of NEC

Bill Preble earned an EdD from the University of Maine in Curriculum & Instruction and Youth Political Socialization and his MEd in Social Studies...

Positive Perceptions with Donna Marston of Families without Shame

Positive Perceptions featured Donna Marston, founder of support group Families without Shame, with Dianne Baldorf and Tracy Bachert- parents of young adults who are...