Chief Goonan and Stephanie Bergeron on Positive Perceptions

Chief Goonan from Manchester, NH Fire Department and Stephanie Bergeron, executive Director of Serenity Place in Manchester, NH. This show focuses on Safe stations for...

Positive Perceptions with Amy Pettingil and Ken Norton

Amy Pettingil director of the domestic violence crisis center at the YWCA in Manchester, NH and Ken Norton, executive director of NAMI and co-founder...

Positive Perceptions with Katherine Nooncaster

Katherine Nooncaster President/Director, Katie Nooncaster Clinician Community Alcohol Information Program (CAIP). The Community Alcohol Information Program is a private non-profit agency that provides alcohol and...

Positive Perceptions with Dr. Paul Racicot and Corey Gately

Dr. Paul Racicot and Corey Gately, MLADC, SAP from the LRGHealthcare's substance abuse recovery clinic.

Positive Perceptions With Gerri King PhD

Gerri King PhD of Human Dynamics Associates. She is also an author and leadership developer

Positive Perceptions with Amy Gebo

Amy Gebo is a spiritual healer. She is President and CEO of Energies to Enlighten.

Positive Perceptions with George and Christine Dzuana

George and Christine Dzuana. They have been married for 49 years. Two decades ago Christine learned that she had breast cancer. This segment talks...

Positive Perceptions with Franklin, NH’s Mayor and Police Chief

Franklin, NH Chief Goldstein and past Franklin, NH Mayor Ken Merrifield discussing Franklin NH's problems with substance abuse and the need for prevention work...

John Butruccio on Positive Perceptions

John Butruccio, CEO Success Paradigm Inc., business consultant and leadership development trainer. Learn more about his company at

Positive Perceptions with Attorney Dan Corley

Attorney Dan Corley from Mcgrath Law Firm in Concord NH.Attorney Daniel Corley began his legal career in New York City assisting a high profile...